There are two types of consultations - phone consultations and home visits.

Phone Consultations

£40 for horses or ponies
£35 for dogs, cats and other pets

These can be arranged to help owners:

  • Understand the reasons behind the behaviours or emotional problems of their animals (by exploring the feelings and emotions involved).
  • Locate physical problems animals may be suffering from and perhaps understand the causes of them. It is possible to ask the animal how we might help them.
  • Help owners and other animals deal with the death of a pet.
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions and express concerns about their animals - I can then interpret responses from the animal and explore ways we can help them.
In order to connect with an animal, I will require a photograph of them and I will need to know their name, gender and age. Before the actual consultation I will do an initial connection with the animal, using the photo to connect with them. I will attempt to ascertain a description of the animal's personality, how they are feeling physically and a piece of information that is specific to the animal and their owner. At the beginning of the phone consultation, I will share this information with you and you will be able to decide if I have a good connection with your animal. If you feel I have established a good connection, we can proceed with a full consultation. Communications are not just limited to clients in the UK, I have also helped owners and animals living in America - distance is not an issue for phone consultations.

Home Visits - prices to be arranged in advance
Meeting with owners and their animals allows me to:

  • Spend time understanding their particular problems and needs.
  • Use communication and introduce techniques to help owners and their animals work together through problems, fears and anxieties and improve their relationships.
My aim is to make the service affordable for customers so that long term support can be offered when necessary. Prices are not set per session because of the differing needs of clients - traumatised animals may at first only be able to cope with 10 minutes work, whereas more balanced animals will cope with longer sessions. My experience working with horses means that I am able to help owners with groundwork or ridden work to bring them towards a more balanced partnership. I am able to travel within Devon and Somerset and would consider travelling to other areas within south-west England.

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