Animal communication is a helpful tool in:

  • Understanding the emotional and behavioural issues of our animals and helping owners and their animals work through them.

  • Locating physical problems, which can then be explored by vets and health specialists. Communication can shed light on the causes of health problems.

  • Improving relationships between owners and their animals, developing their understanding of each other.

  • Dealing with bereavement after the death of a pet. This could be helping an owner or another animal that has been affected by the death of an animal.

Animal communication gives us the opportunity to have a greater understanding of our animals, whatever species they are, and improve our relationships with them. Sometimes people feel that their animal is trying to tell them something but they just can't work out what it is. Sometimes people ask for help because they feel they have exhausted all options, or they have started to feel anxious about being with their animals and may feel they are unable to cope with certain behaviours.

Building trust, creating bonds...whatever the behavioural or emotional problem, the best way forward is to build trust between animal and human and to work with understanding.

My main aim is to help bring people and their animals closer together. Animal training techniques do not always take into account the emotional state of an animal - bad behaviour is often explained as an animal just being naughty. By listening to our animals and helping them to work through emotional issues, we can help them cope better with different situations and help them become more balanced. Animal communication can enhance training methods by improving the understanding between human and animal.

We often say that animals live in the "moment" but sometimes they are also having to cope with problems or traumas they have

experienced in their lives. It always amazes me how forgiving animals are - it is possible for them to overcome their problems and to regain their trust in people, even after the most difficult traumas.

Being a practitioner means that I support owners through a process of working towards finding resolutions.

Being able to connect with animals remotely (using a photograph), offers me a way to connect owners with their animals. One way resolutions to problems can be found is simply by asking the animal how we can help them! By visiting owners and their animals, it is possible to offer practical advice on the ground. I can use communication and introduce techniques to help owners and their animals work together through problems, fears and anxieties and improve their relationships.

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