Thank you very much to the owners and animals who have agreed to share their experiences of animal communication and how it has improved their lives. These are just a few examples of where a consultation with Faye has made a difference to animals and their owners:

Oscar the dog (aged 7) and his owner Jane

Jane arranged a phone consultation with Faye because she wanted to help Oscar with his fear of fireworks and vets:

"Oscar's personality, fears, favourite walks and toys were described to me by Faye. Truly amazing and very, very accurate. It was nice to know that my perception of how happy and contented Oscar is was confirmed to me by Faye. Faye proceeded to give Oscar compassionate release for his worries and she asked me to observe Oscar whilst she was doing this. We decided to start with his worries over visiting the vet (a big issue for him). Whilst this was happening Oscar's behaviour changed. He became very restless, pacing around and panting and then all of a sudden he just lay at my feet, stretched out and fast asleep, his breathing normal and regular.
Faye put his worries about the vet down to visits as a puppy, he was neutered and had his dew claws removed - a process he found extremely scary and traumatic. Next Faye repeated the compassionate release process for Oscar's other issues - visitors to the house and fireworks.


Vets: This has been truly remarkable. Before the animal communication, it would take 30 minutes or more just to get him through the door to the vets! On Oscar's annual visit this year I had no problem getting him into the surgery and onto the scales. On entering the examination room Oscar, though still quite nervous, allowed the vet to examine him quite thoroughly - the vet had never been able to do this before. I was a very proud owner!!!
Fireworks: Before the communication session, Oscar would start chewing and ripping things up and be pacing around when the fireworks were happening. During this November the only issue was barking each time a firework went off.
Visitors: I realised that I am anxious about what might happen when Oscar is there when I am opening the door. To help us both, I now put Oscar in another room just for a short time before he is introduced to visitors. He seems happy with this.

Since having the animal communication session, I can definitely say that my bond and understanding of Oscar has increased to another level. We seem to be able to understand each other's emotions - a truly amazing and wonderful experience. I would strongly recommend animal communication to anybody who wants a better understanding/bond with their animals or just to find out how they can help understand their pets feelings and what they can do to help. It might be that a very small change in daily routine could make a big difference to their animals."

Taz the horse and his owner Cathy.

"Taz is my lovely horse (well to me he certainly is lovely and much more!) To the best of my knowledge I have always had a fantastic relationship with him. However, when I heard about Faye from a friend and some of her fantastic work, curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to see if I could understand how Taz sees his life and how he interacts with me...Well some of the things that Faye picked up about Taz were pretty remarkable.
From the way I presented his apples to him; the fact that he related to his summer sheet which is the first one he has ever had; what he thinks of The Equine Touch; my riding! The outcome for me is that I am confident that Taz is happy, relaxed and in tune with me and most aspects of his life - from which I can gain great satisfaction. Plus I have few pointers also to look out for!"

Georgie the goat and her owner Catherine.

"Faye has never met our goats, but when I showed her a photograph of Georgie our milking nanny, Faye felt Georgie was worried about slipping over, and hurting her legs. I had recently changed the goat's bedding, from deep litter to rubber matting with just a sprinkling of wood shavings, thinking they would be more comfortable and easier to keep clean. The idea of the goats slipping was quite troubling to me and on investigation, I found that their floor had indeed become wet in places, and was definitely quite slippery. Even though the goats were being cleaned out twice daily, I had
been blissfully unaware that the girls were finding it a problem! Needless to say they are back on deep warm beds, and hopefully more comfortable again."

Bounty the horse and her owner Beate

The partnerships and relationships created between horses and their owners can be so special. This is a case where a partnership was forged - not through training methods but by understanding and patience and was helped along by some important communication work (through phone consultations and in-person visits). Bounty is quite an extreme case of bereavement - bereaved animals can often be helped relatively quickly but Bounty's ordeal had been so traumatic and she had been left without help for so long that she had buried everything so deeply within her. It is lovely to see her start to enjoy life. Her owner Beate tells the story below:

"I first met Bounty in February 2008 at a yard where her training bored her. She was for sale and I was looking for a companion horse for my rescue pony - I was hoping to find a "wise girl". Being around her for several hours I got the impression from her body language and from listening to my inner feelings that almost everything was a no go. Her ears were back and flat to her head, then upright and she would swing her head around to show her teeth. You could just say that is "mareish" behaviour but there was an overall feeling of heaviness and sadness about her. Starting the car to drive home I was crying, I thought initially there was no plausible reason for me to feel like this but then I realised that all this emotion was to do with
Bounty. I felt that Bounty was a very sensitive and strong willed mare but I did feel a connection with her and I decided to buy her - something told me my "wise girl" was in there somewhere, she just needed some help.

After she arrived at our yard it became clear that Bounty had been suffering from all these feelings for quite a while. She showed physical symptoms (headaches, hayfever like symptoms of her respiratory system, indigestion, dysmenorrhoea, sore shoulders and a sore hip) as well as mental restlessness and unpredictable reactions in various situations. She clearly indicated that she wasn't interested in participating in any of our daily activites...she just wanted to be left alone. I had to find out more about her past to find out where all this was coming from and why she was suffering. Our journey into the unknown began...

With the help of 2 animal communicators and healers - Emma Greenwood and Faye Stacey, the story began to unfold. From quite an early stage we managed to realise that Bounty's incredible sadness was bereavement - relating to the death of her mother. Connecting Bounty with the spirit horse of her mother did comfort her for a while and she could begin to cope with things in life.

One morning, however, I brought the horses in and Bounty was extremely agitated. Something had happened in the field that night and although whatever happened was not terrible, it had stirred up a lot of emotion in Bounty. She was trying to bite and threatening to kick and was being very intimidating to anyone who came near her. It was obvious the emotions from the past had come to the surface. I asked for an animal communication session with Faye and through this, Bounty finally revealed the past that haunted her. She had witnessed the sudden and accidental death of her mother years ago. Throughout the whole accident she was absolutely helpless - unable to understand what was happening and how to help her mother. It was so distressing to her that the humans who were supposed to help her mum actually killed her. Ever since then she put her life on hold. She loved her mum more than anything in the world and all that was taken away from her. She never grieved for her mother and she felt she could never share that love, understanding and care again with anyone else. Bounty feared that if she moved on in her life, she would lose all the valuable and sweet memories of her mother and what happened.

Immediately after the communication the kicking, biting and intimidating behaviour stopped completely. Bounty started to show glimpses of her true nature. She became understanding and loving in situations where previously she would have only responded in a grumpy and agitated way. There would still be the odd moments where she would revert back to her old habits of refusal and rejection but they were minimal compared to before.

The communication revealed how Bounty's grief was so incredibly deep so I decided to ask for the help of Tina Blankenship who is qualified at a spiritual level. The results from this matched so well with the communication (without Bounty's story being told). I learnt that it was important to tell Bounty everyday that she is loved, safe and will not be put to death - this was so effective. Within a couple of weeks Bounty no longer refused to do things, she had a beautiful gaze with wide open eyes (rather than the half closed eyes before) and she was full of eagerness and inquisitiveness. She finally wanted to be part of the family. She wants to take responsibility for things - she absolutely adores the lambs and helps the ewes look after them - it reminds her how important the relationship is for a mother and her offspring and she can enjoy that.

The change in Bounty is just magical - now you could describe her as loving, warm, understanding, forgiving and patient. Our wise girl was there all along - we just had to take the journey into the unknown to find her."

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